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Pickett Chapel is the oldest surviving brick structure in Lebanon. Constructed in 1827 by the Methodist congregation, it is thought to be the first church building built in town. White and black congregants worshiped together within the structure, slaves and free blacks segregated to the church balcony.

By 1856, the church had outgrown the building and moved to a newly constructed house of worship on East Main Street, with the African- American congregation continuing to worship in this chapel.

On July 18, 1866, the African-American Methodists purchased the building. The new church was named Pickett Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church in honor of its first minister, Reverend Calvin Pickett. In 1973, the church relocated to a new home on Glover Street.

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, the chapel is now owned by the Wilson County Black History Associates who are actively pursuing its restoration.

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