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John Cloyd House- 13836 Lebanon Road, Old Hickory, tn  37138

Cloydland Farm was established in 1789 with the purchase of 220 acres by John and Margaret Williamson Cloyd. They build their one room log home in 1791 and it still survives today enclosed by additions through the years. Captain John Cloyd and his brother-in-law, John Williamson had come to Middle Tennessee in 1780 as part of the John Donelson expedition from the Watauga settlement to Fort Nashboro. A small pox epidemic in late 1789-1790 caused the families to move east to the Green Hill community in what would become Wilson County. Elisabeth Williamson born in 1790 and John Cloyd born in 1794 were among the first births in the area of present day Wilson County.
The Cloyd farm was typical of the type found in early Middle Tennessee. Corn, cotton, and wheat were produced. The Cloyds also raised cattle, hogs, and sheep. In 1916, great-grandson James Duncan Ligon acquired all the original acreage. Under his ownership, Cloydland Farm was well-known for its experimentation in breeding new varieties of cattle, pigs, and sheep as well as its herd of purebred Poland China swine. Herschel Ligon, James’s son, continued the farm after his father’s death.Herschel was inducted into the Wilson County Agricultural Hall of Fame and recognized as the owner of the oldest Poland China purebred hog herd in the United States.
The Cloydland Farm is the oldest farm in Wilson County and is part of the Tennessee Century Farm program. It was the first Wilson County site listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

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