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Watertown Commercial Historic District - Public Square

With its quaint Public Square and small town charm, Watertown is located in eastern Wilson County.

The county’s “best kept secret, “Watertown has been the backdrop for many country music videos and films. The city’s annual mile-long yard sale and numerous Excursion Train outings add to its appeal.

The Watertown Square was added as a Commercial Historic District to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. The district runs along one block on the north sides of East and West Main Street and one block south of the east side of Depot Street and also includes the Public Square.

Watertown’s Square was formed in 1903 after a fire destroyed most of the commercial district that had centered on the old Lebanon-Sparta Pike through town. Town leaders saw the rebuilding as an opportunity to improve the business district’s appearance. The Public Square was created and enhanced with trees, hitching posts and a well and well house. The well was placed in the center of the Square and used until 1944 when the Square was paved. Citizens added a gazebo to the center of the Square in 1976 to emulate the old well house.

Watertown, originally known as Three Forks, developed after the completion of the Nashville and Knoxville Railroad and the Tennessee Central Railroad routes through the town. Only seven residences were in town until 1885. After this year, the railroad spurred population growth and the town’s expansion. Incorporation occurred in 1905.

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