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Site of the former Law Office of Sam Houston- 107 East Main Street 

A plaque now honors the site of the law office of Sam Houston, Governor of Tennessee and hero of Texas. Houston began his law career in Lebanon in 1818 and continued to practice here until elected as Attorney General of the Mero District in 1819. The office was located in a small cabin on East Main Street which he rented from Isaac Golladay, the town’s postmaster. In 1827 Houston was elected Governor of Tennessee, but resigned the office in 1829.

By 1832, he entered Texas and helped lead the movement for independence, being elected President of the Republic of Texas in 1836. When one of Golloday’s sons became ill in Huntsville, Texas in 1852, Houston came to his bedside and greeted the young man, “if you are the son of Isaac Golladay, I recognize you a child of an early and true friend,” Proof of Houston’s lifelong affection for the friendships formed in Lebanon.

The log building stood until 1932 when the present buildings were constructed.

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